"Set up in this perfect life with problems that don't fit..."



 "Jumpin' up and down like a pogo on the ground, it's a dance..."



Original Members (1977-1978):

Daniel Nicholl

Stew Richlin

Jeff McGregor

Kevin Hunter

Ricky Mintz

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 I wasn't cloned,

but I'm a drone...


  "Q: What bands do you hate? A: I hate the Snot Puppies. I cannot stand the Snot Puppies. They are a blight upon the face of the earth." -- Nihil Magazine, Vol 1, No. 1, Page 9.

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  "[The Snot Puppies] opened the show & honestly tried to look good & they deserve credit, I guess. Their songs were pretty tight, but boring. One creative little number called 'PCP' was particularly stpuid. stupid. (sic)." Nihil Magazine, Vol 1, No. 1, Page 3.

The Snot Puppies met at this sleazy bar/nightclub/pickup joint. It was kiss or kill: either join together and create a band or possibly destroy each other.
And the truth wound up stranger than fiction.

 In 19 and 78, the Snot Puppies toured with the Screamers. The Snots tried not to "outshine" their friends, the Screamers, as the Snots were the guests of the Screamers on that particular tour. "We kept our light under a bushel!"-Wayne Manor
 The Snot Puppies played the Whiskey a Go Go.
Todd Rundgren said "snot puppies for you" between songs on a live album recorded the nite the Snots played the Whiskey.....but why?  Johnny Carson did a funny double take when Rob Reiner mentioned the Snot Puppies...can ya blame him?



  "Tragically, Dan Nichol, the band's mercurial, charismatic lead singer, committed suicide in 1979." -Angela McGregor

 He was so funny about it I really didn't get that he was in such pain. I often wonder what he would have thought about this or that here in life. I miss him and I regret that he really missed a lot.- Wayne Manor 

Wayne Manor's personally venerated, esteemed, honored, and very special Vox Phantom guitar. Please don't look at this picture over here.

 Since the Snot Puppies, or maybe despite the Snot Puppies, Jeff McGregor has continued to pursue music and is now part of the Solipistics plus other musical projects.  "Jeff and I remain very close, we speak by telephone weekly and visit very often. It is a closeness we both cherish." - Wayne Manor  Fun Fact: at least two of the Snot Puppies wound up marrying "punk rock girls," was it Bouncy, or Flouncy?
 Kevin Hunter continues his musical career with Wire Train, and other music on his own, with Jane Weidlin, Simple Minds and others.

 Ricky "Headache" Mintz

is a music business executive.

 Ricky Headache once broke his arm playing ball. We told everyone that we made him play his drums so hard he broke his arm. People believed that at the time. Yaah.